This is a family run company which provides a pet sitting and dog walking service.

Passion and love for animals led us into starting this business, we are experienced in most animals but we do have our own pets which consists of cats and dogs at present but have included in the past, gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and tortoise’s not to mention the different types of fish (tropical, cold water and pond).


Both of us hold Level 3 Animal Management and Care diploma and have worked in different veterinary surgeries as assistants, so have a good understanding of the various ailments that the average pet may have from minor problems which are non life threatening such as cuts and dental problems to the more serious conditions such as Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Cerebella Hypoplasia (CH) and Epilepsy, but whatever the problem feel assured that your pet will have the greatest care that can be given and you can be confident in the knowledge that if you pet does require medication we can professionally administer the medication as required.

Service Guaranteed

We aim to supply a service for both our clients and their pets no matter what your pet is.  If you are a multi pet household this will not be a problem as we are qualified and trained in all species of animals.

References are available on request.

We are fully insured with ‘Pet Business Insurance’ a copy of our insurance certificate can be seen on request.