Dog Walking

Do you work full time and have a dog or do have a very busy lifestyle and would like to free up some of your time by getting your dog walked by someone else?

We  offer a dog walking service offering group walks for dogs who like to socialise to solitary dog walks for the more gentile dog who prefers their own company.

Whatever needs your dog or dogs have I will adapt and personalise to their needs whether it is energetic fetching of the ball to a quite saunter around the park.

This service is not only about walking your dog its about getting the best care for them and their needs, lots of play, love and affection will be given, but with a good understanding that each dog enjoys different levels of these.

If cheap Patriots Jerseys you Youth Alfonzo Dennard Jersey do not need your dog walked I am happy to sit with your dog to give them company.

Pet Sitting In East Dulwich and Surrounding Areas

Pet Sitting Dulwich Area
Want to go away but need care for you pet? You do not need to look any further, with our services your pet is our pet no matter what animal you have.
Call us now on 0744 394 2491 to discuss your requirements.
Any animal cared for 
From small furries such as Rats, mice, degus, gerbils and hamsters to your everyday pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, (we also love the not so furry  ones such as snakes, bearded dragons, gecko’s, blue tongue skinks and tarantulas), you can also trust your pet will get the best possible care.
If you have the more unusual ‘pet’ such as a Llama or a pot bellied pig maybe a goat or sheep or two, let your mind be put at rest as you can depend on me.
Be assured that no matter what pet you have chosen to share your home and life with, in our care they will get the love and attention you would personally give to them.
With each animal having their own personal surroundings around them you will be able to rest and relax in the knowledge  that they are being well cared for and loved just as you would do and they will be less likely to have high stress levels.
Plants not forgotten!
In addition we will  water your plants and care for your home  as part of the services provided and will ensure that you have fresh milk, bread and any other small items you may need for your return home if you require.