Lost and Found Animals

If you have lost or found an animal please send details via email, WhatsApp, text or messenger and I will ensure that it is put onto our website in hope to reunite animal and owner.

Email: contact@anypetsitting.co.uk


Phone:   07443 942491

Phone: 07443 942491


My black with white bib and boots cat missing from Playfield Crescent since Friday night. If you see any sightings could you please let me know I am missing so much.

if you see Joey please contact Any Pet Sitting and Walking on 07443 942491

LOST CAT – Charlie

Lost Saturday 23rd November from Caulfield Road Numhead , he is new to my home and got outside somehow and he doesn’t know the area. He is quite shy but friendly doesn’t scratch or anything. Please contact me if you see him. He is a tabby and quite fluffy, microchip and neutered.

You can call Any Pet Sitting and Walking – 07443 942491




LOST CAT – Bonny

Bonny has gone missing from Deventer Crescent, East Dulwich SE22 (Just off East Dulwich Grove / Greendale) she is pure black and very small in size but if 3 years old, she does not have a collar but she is microchipped.  She was last seen 15th September.  Bonny is a creature of habit and usually stays around the front of the house and visits a couple of neighbours but no one has sighted her, it would be good if people could check their garages, garden sheds and anywhere that she could have got locked in.

if you do believe you have seen her please contact Michelle @ Any Pet Sitting and Walking -07443 942491

LOST CAT (Kitten 6 Months Old)- Fuzzy Face

Fuzzy Face went missing on 21 Oct 18 from Peckham Hill Park, he managed to escape from a netted balcony where he lives, unfortunately he was due to be neutered and microchipped but escaped before this was done.  Fuzzy Face is very friendly and chatty and was seen on 27 Oct outside the tyre shop on Rye Hill Park by the staff that work there.  If someone has seen him or taken him in thinking he is a stray please get in touch as his family is missing him very much and are very worried about him, they will even arrange for you to get your own kitten if you give him back to his family.

For any information you can call Any Pet Sitting 07443 942491 who will pass the details onto the owners.

LOST CAT – Calico/Tortoishell

Cat missing in the SE London area, she was last seen on Thursday 8th November 18 in Downham Way, her family is really missing her and would like to get her home, please check the usual places in case she may have been locked in such as sheds and garages.

If found or you have any information about where she is please contact Michelle at Any Pet Sitting and Walking on 07443 942491


LOST CAT – SE24 – Boo Boo

Boo Boo has gone missing around the Herne Hill Station area SE24, she has been missing for about 2 weeks approx date 29/10/18, she has green eyes and a pink nose, she is a little wild but her family are really missing her and want her home.  Please check your garages, sheds etc to see if she has been trapped inside.  If you have any information or may have seen her please contact – Michelle at Any Pet Sitting and Walking on 07443 942491