Meet The Team


Michelle Benson

Me with Winston who is showing that he can be a very good dog!
I am with the handsome Archie who is deaf and very much a love bug, I can’t get enough of Archies love xx
Here I am stealing cuddles and kisses from the beautiful Lilly.
Having a stroke of Mia the Cheetah during my work experience at Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.

I am the owner of the company and have a big passion for all animals. I knew from an early age that I always wanted to work with animals in some capacity but my early life took me on a different route, working in various office positions from banks to a training school for health and safety on the railway even a short stop in retail!


It took me several years to make a life changing decision to return to education and gain my City and Guilds Level 3 Animal Management and Care Diploma and start work as a Cattery Assistant in a veterinary surgery with ‘Medivets where I have gained more knowledge and hands on experience in looking after and medicating animals.  With the passion and knowledge I felt that the time had come to put everything into a full time career and start up my own company.

Starting a pet sitting and dog walking company was an easy decision for me as my career change for many reasons but the main one being that I am a pet owner myself and I find it extremely hard to allow just anyone to look after my pets (actually my babies if I’m honest!) so with this in mind I knew that there must be a lot of pet owners out there who feel the same way as I do, so what makes me different? Well as far as I’m concerned when I enter the life of an animal I become their surrogate mum and I want the absolutely best for them no matter what it takes, I don’t believe in time limitations if your pet needs me then I am there it may only be they need a fuss or it maybe medical but whatever it is in my care they will get this.  Also as a pet owner I want to know my baby is ok so I will ensure photo’s and updates are sent to you while you are away I will even let you speak to them on the phone if it helps!

Along with my qualifications I have obtained work experiences outside being a pet owner including voluntary work with animal charities such as Foal Farm in Biggin Hill, Kent to working on a Dairy Farm, caring for the cows as well as milking them!

My most exhilarating achievement was to work at Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent working with large cats such as Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, Fishing Cats, Pallas Cats, Clouded Leopards, Lynx’s among many other large cat breeds.

Ashleigh Benson

Here is Ashleigh with Sam who was sadly put to sleep, he was only with us a short time but made a very big impact on all of our lives RIP Sam xx
Ashleigh and Oreo having kisses.
Barney, Bear and Heidi asking very politely if Ashleigh would give them a treat or two!
Ashleigh and Lilly contemplating life in Peckham park

Since a young age I have always been around animals. My youngest memory is going to a families farm and feeding the lambs, and this started my love of all animals great and small.  I don’t just love animals they have become a passion. 

In my eyes all animals are beautiful no matter what species they are and as a pet parent I believe all pets are family and at present mine include cats and a puppy.

I completed my Btec Level 3 in Animal Management and Care in 2016 and during my time attending Capel Manor College I was taught about all areas of animal care and was able to have hands on working with farm animas such as pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, hens and Shetland ponies as well as working with the more exotic animals such as bearded dragons, various snakes (constrictors only), blue tongue skinks, geckos, sugar gliders, various types of fish and ferrets as well as the normal small animals like rats, mice, hamsters, chinchilla’s, rabbits and guinea pigs.

My work experience covers working on a families diary farm, looking after the cows and milking them and working at ‘Vets for Pets’ learning about the running of a veterinary practice as well as working beside the various members of staff looking after inpatients, it also included watching surgeries taking place and consultations.