This bundle of joy is Barney he is my dog and is 6 months old, Barney comes with me for every walk and enjoys the company of other dogs and he is excellent for assessing the behaviours of any new dog joining our walks (he loves them all and eventually they love him!) Barney is a Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross Chihuahua) full of life and energy but thinks he is a large dog he really does not understand he is little!
Archie is a cheeky Chihuahua who likes nothing more that chasing (not catching) squirrels and sleeping. Archie is a rescue dog found wandering the streets and taken in by a wonderful man who already had 2 dogs of his own and couldn’t keep him so he found Archie the family he now lives with and gets to see Archie all the time.
Dog Walking service in Peckham
This beautiful brindle boxer dog is named Ruby, she is of a grand ole age of 11 years young.  As you can see from the photo Ruby only has one eye due to an injury she sustained prior to being rescued by a wonderful couple.  Ruby at first did not like females but with the love and dedication of her mum Beryl she is now a love bug with both the women and men in her life.  Whilst caring for Ruby as both a sitter and walker I ensure all her needs were met, because of her age and health we kept her walks to a minimum only going as far as she wanted and not at a very fast pace.  At home she preferred to lay either in her bed quietly or on the couch with her head on my lap being fussed. To Ruby I am now part of the family and entitled to the excited wag of the short stumpy tail along with her favourite toy when I arrive!
This is Stitch a beautiful and playful cockerpoo who is 10 moths old and is just full of life.
This little guy is Nelson, he is enjoying a cuddle from Ashleigh. Nelson is a Pug cross Jack Russell and is an energetic ball of fun, he especially enjoys playing with Barney as he is smaller than than himself (which is not very often found when you are as small as he is lol|)
Winston the wanderer, a fantastic miniature schnauzer who has won many hearts with his wandering ways and subsequently being put into time out!
This handsome boy is Napoleon suitable named as he is a French Bulldog. Napoleon has OCD! he is completely obsessed with balls and has been no doubt the cause of a few grey hairs for his owner who can be seen chasing him to get balls back from him that he has stolen from unsuspecting dogs in the park. Napoleon is a very unique dog and has such a huge personality once you get to know him cannot help but to fall in love.
This Great Dane is Lilly, she is such a big softy who loves to play in the park but even more loves her titbits! Lilly has a personality that measures her size but she unfortunately
thinks she is the size of chihuahua and thinks nothing to sitting on your lap!! not an easy feat for a dog her size.
This handsome French Bulldog is Frank and he is definitely a lover not a fighter, everyone and every dog that meets him cannot help but full in love with him (how could you not look how gorgeous he is) Frank is also known for being energetic, he will be on the go all day long and still want more, I have only once taken him home after a full day of walks whereby he actually slept in the car…I thought I had broken the dog!!! lol
This beautiful boy is Buddy who sadly passed away 1 June 17 at a grand old age of 16 a totally wonderful dog who was a soft gentle Staff that only had love in his heart, RIP Buddy
Well this handsome beast is Bear a 12 year old Malamute. Bear is a big softy and loves having cuddles, he will walk up to people in the park and headbutt them for a cuddle or he will lean his weight up against your leg so you had better be strong or he will have you over lol
A very tired Jackson!
This is a very awake Jackson out on his walk, Jackson was rescued by 2 very special people who love him like a child and who can blame them?? Jackson loves life and it certainly shows when you meet him (although cats beware!!)
These two unusual parters are Coco the French Bulldog who is partially deaf and the handsome English Bull Terrier is the one and only love bug or cheeky monkey as he is often referred to Archie who is totally deaf but is a very clever boy as he understands hand signals…go Archie!! Coco is also very clever she will wee on command and she has no loyalty lol if someone comes along with a better dog to play with or has food off she will go until you gently remind her who she is with bless her.
This baby is a lovely female rat which still needs a name, she has recently gone to her new home where she will be introduced to another member of the family (also a female rat called nancy) both are very friendly and enjoy having little titbits of cheese!
This beauty is a Pine Snake called Conney, she is non-venomous and harmless species and her normal habitat would include pine and oak forests. They are indiginous to Florida, and the Costal Plain of North and South Carolina and Georgia, but Conney lives happily in Crystal Palace with her human family.
Barney would like to introduce you to his girlfriend Holly, she is the older lady being 2 years old and don’t tell Barney but she is a lot bigger than him (he doesn’t seem to notice) she is a white German Shepherd and is the most amazingly gentle and lovely girl who makes doggy friends very easily.
Holly and Barney kisses – a love that can never be 🙁
How beautiful and regal does Holly look?
The lovely Clio, Bebe and Barney looking for some treats. (Barney typically is looking at the wrong person!!)
This is the Adorable Cassie who enjoys her walks, playing with her tennis ball and she is not shy in letting you know that she has found a very large stick (usually logs) she sounds like a terrodactyle crossed with a wookie but it just makes her even more special. She is one special lady who lived a long time at battersea dogs and cats home but has now found the most wonderful family life with Tobias and Luce. p.s. she is another one of Barneys girlfriends lol
This little guy is Rango he is a Bearded Dragon who enjoys being handled and snuggling up with his human mum for lots of night time cuddles. Even though he is small it doesn’t stop him eating 8 size 4 crickets which he loves as well as carrots, greens and berries.
This beauty is Peaches and is a 6 month Bengal cross moggie, this little lady has already won my heart as she knows how to play the cute card. She loves her treats especially chicken!
This lovely lad is Jasper, he is from the same home as Peaches and is also a Bengal cross moggie, he is 7 months old and is a live wire and has the real characteristics of the Bengal breed. He loves his food and is always first at the food bowl and is very quick to take any snacks and titbits offered!
These beauties are Ron and Reggie and yes they are apparently named after the infamous Kray twins and even at the age of 9 years are still getting into mischief so I have been told even though they look very innocent in this picture!
Well what can I say about this little man, his name is Dudley and it seems he doesn’t like his photo taken so has stuck his tongue out at me, how rude! Actually he is a big softy who likes nothing more than a lap to sleep on and a good fuss but only on his terms (no holding otherwise we get very vocal lol)